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NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group has, from 1 July 2022, been replaced by the new NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB). The ICB is now responsible for commissioning and funding of health and care services in the local area. Please go to our new website for information about the work of NHS South Yorkshire ICB.

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You and your products

Once your prescription has been dispensed and you have your products it is important to check that what you have is exactly what you need. If you are unsure you have received the correct items ring our service immediately so that we can check on your behalf.

It is important that you store your products correctly. All products should be stored away from direct heat, damp, dirt and dust. Products must be stored in their original packaging until you actually use them. This ensures sterile items remain sterile and that we can identify batch numbers if we are asked to re-call products which may be faulty.

It is good to keep a small stock of your products to ensure you do not run out; however this should not be more than one week's supply. When you receive new products make sure you use your older stock first to ensure good stock control. If you keep large amounts of stock and do not check expiry dates there is a risk of items becoming out of date. This can place you at risk of infection or skin damage if they are then used. Use your products as advised. If you feel your product is causing problems let us know, we can then see if there if there are any alternative products which might be more suitable for you. Please do not make your own adaptations as this can make the product unsafe and may result in you developing sore skin or infections. You will be told which products can be washed and re-used and which need to be used once and thrown away. If you are unsure contact us for advice.

If you experience any problems with products leaking or not performing adequately, let us know immediately. We will ask you to keep the product so that we can collect it, arrange de-contamination and return the product to the manufacturer for investigation. We will need to know the product batch number and exact nature of the problem you have experienced. It is important all problems of this nature are reported.


If you require any further information or advice, feel free to contact the service on 01709 423240.

How to order your prescription and getting your prescription dispensed