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Top Tips & Therapeutic Guidelines

    1. Gastro-intestinal System

    2. Cardiovascular System

    3. Respiratory System

    4. Central Nervous System

    5. Infections

    6. Endocrine System

    7. Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Urology

    8. Malignant Disease and Immunosuppression

    9. Nutrition and Blood

    10. Musculoskeletal and Joint Diseases

    11. Eye

    12. Ear, Nose and Oropharynx

    13. Skin

    14. Immunological Products and Vaccines 

    15. Anaesthesia

    16. Dressings and Appliances

    17. Paediatric

    18. Other

    19. Clinical Threshold Policy

    20. Fitter Better Sooner


1 Gastro-intestinal system

Chronic bowel disorders

Coeliac disease pathway

Medication for IBS

IBS and IBD Pathway


Laxative guidelines 


NHS Rotherham CCG Dyspepsia Guidelines   


Hepatitis C Management Guidance


Obesity Referrals into Tier 3

Bariatric surgery Pathway

Medical conditions and exercise guidance

List of Providers for Weight Management

Integrated Lower GI Pathway 

FIT Process

Proton Pump Inhibitors de-prescribing guidance

 Cardiovascular system


Prevention of Occlusive Vascular Events Guidelines 

Tinzaparin Prescribing advice

Stroke Pathway

TIA Pathway

TIA Referral Form

TRFT Anticoagulation-VTE Clinical Procedural Document - 2018-21

TRFT Anticoagulation-VTE Policy for Adults - 2018-21

Anticoagulation for Stroke Prevention in Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation


DVT Pathway (LES)

Patient Information Leaflet (DVT Pathway)

Wells Score


Hypertension Guidelines

Guidance for the use of ACE inhibitors and Angiotension-II Receptor Blockers (AR2Bs/Sartans)

Postnatel Hypertension

Heart Failure

Heart Failure Prescribing Guidelines

Heart Failure Prescribing guidelines Overview

Dose Titration Schedule, Appendix 1A: Ramipril in the treatment of Heart Failure

Beta-blocker dose titration schedule, Appendix 2A: Bisoprolol in the treatment of heart failure

Appendix 2B: Carvedilol in the treatment of heart failure

Appendix 2C: Nebivolol in the treatment of heart failure

Heart failure - Lifestyle Modifications


Management of Non-Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Lipid Management guidelines 

Myocardial Ishcaemia 

Post MI guidelines 

Chest pain clinic referral form   


3 Respiratory system  


Adult Asthma Guidelines

Childhood Asthma Top Tips


Guidelines for the Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Allergic Conditions

Hay Fever Guidelines

Rotherham Home Oxygen Service

Rotherham Home Oxygen Service:

Rotherham HOS-AR (Home Oxygen Service - Assessment and Review): Referral Pathway for the Home Oxygen Assessment Service

Home Oxygen Consent Form (joint IHORM and HOCF)

Home Oxygen Order Form (Nov 16)

Initial Home Oxygen Risk Mitigation Guidance 


Pulse Oximetry to detect early deterioration of patients with Covid-19 in Primary and Community Care setting

Patient information leaflet for Pulse oximetry


4 Nervous System


Dementia Screening Tool for Patient’s where English is not their First Language 

Dementia - Making a diagnosis of established dementia in a care home setting

Bristol Activities of Daily Living Scale

6 CIT Score

Link to Dementia videos 


Guidelines for the Treatment of Depression in Primary Care


The Good Relaxation Guide

The Good Sleep Guide


Parkinson’s Top Tips

Nausea and Labyrinthitis

Dizziness Pathway

Anti-emetic Prescribing Advice

PUQE Score


Guide for Neuropathic Pain

Gabapentin Guidelines


Temporal Arteritis Pathway

Adult Headache Guidelines

Migraine Prophylaxis Guidance

Substance Dependence

How to Write an Instalment (Blue) Prescription for methadone and other Controlled Drugs

Standard Operating Procedure for the destruction of Controlled Drugs

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies 


5 Infections

Arrangements for the access to antimicrobials for community based Patients

Antibiotic formulary summary guidance Empiric formulary 2017-2019

NHS Rotherham Management of Infection in Primary Care 2017-2019

No Antibiotic prescription needed leaflet

Antibiotic poster 1

Antibiotic poster 2 

Delirium Pathway

Hepatitis C Management Guidance

Microbiology top tips

Red Legs Pathway 

Abscesses and Where to Find Them


6 Endocrine system 


Glance Fact Sheet - Covid-19 in Diabetes

National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP)

Diabetes patient video’s 

GLP-1 Pathway

Diabetes guidelines 

Diabetes guidelines Summary-Overview

Guidelines for Self Blood Glucose Monitoring

Blood Glucose Monitoring Formulary for Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Top Tips

Blood Glucose Testing at Home: Do I Really Need To?

Integrated Specialist Diabetic Team Referral Pathway

Shared Care Protocol

Diabetes Specialist Advice Clinic

RAG Rating

Diabetes Education Letter 

Letter to practices

Freestyle-Libre Flow Chart

Freestyle-Libre Assessment 

Freestyle-Libre Contract 


Insulin Pen Devices Guide

Top Tips for Ramadan 2020

Ramadan Rapid Review Recommendations 

Sick Day Rules Diabetes Primary Care 

NHS Diabetes Advice Helpline FAQs and Materials 


Thyroid Dysfunction Top Tips

Endocrinology Virtual Clinic Top Tips

Bone Metabolism

Osteoporosis Prescribing Guideline for Primary Care 


Transman Prescribing Guidelines

Transwoman Prescribing Guidelines 


7 Obstetrics, gynaecology and urinary tract disorders 

Urinary Tract/Renal

Acute Kidney Injury Patient Leaflet

Acute Kidney Injury Guidelines for Primary Care

Age Related Paediatric Reference Ranges

Treatment of Urinary Incontinence 

Urology Top Tips for Men

Testicular Lumps Pathway

Patient information leaflet - Epididymal Cyst

Patient information leaflet - Hydrocele

Patient information leaflet - Varicocele

Patient information leaflet - Epididymo-orchitis

Erectile dysfunction treatment pathway 


Ovarian Cysts Patient Info Leaflet

Premenopausal Ovarian Cysts

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Guidelines 

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Pathway

Patient information leaflet on heavy menstrual bleeding

HRT and Non-HRT Treatment Options for the Management of Menopausal Symptoms


Infertility Referral Pro-forma Jan 13

New Fertility Referrals Guidance

Recurrent Miscarriage referral 


8 Malignant disease and immunosuppression

SYB ICS Cancer Alliance Referral Management Guidance

SYB ICS Cancer Alliance Access Principles plus COVID March 2020

2 Week Wait patient information leaflet

2 week wait patient information Leaflet (Breast)

2 week waiting Proforma Sarcoma

2 week Waiting Proforma Bone 

2 week waiting Proforma Breast

2 week waiting Proforma Children

2 week waiting Proforma Gynae

2 week waiting Proforma Haematology

2 week waiting Proforma Head & Neck

2 week waiting Proforma Upper GI

2 week waiting Proforma Lower GI

COVID 19 Lower GI High Risk 2 Week Waiting Referral Pathway Primary Care

2 Week waiting Proforma Lung

2 week waiting Proforma Neuro

2 week waiting Proforma Skin

2 week waiting Proforma Urology

2 week waiting Proforma CUP

Familial Breast Cancer Pathway

Familial Breast Cancer Summary for GPs

Tamoxifen Guide for Primary Care

Ovarian Cancer Top Tips

Head & Neck 2ww Top Tips 

Cancer Symptom Reference Guide

Cancer SEA Template 

Safety Netting     

Vague Symptoms Pathway

Reducing Inequalities in Bowel cancer Screening

Safety Netting Guide for GPs

SN Guidance COVID-19 Flowchart

Letter to Primary Care

Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)

Integrated Lower GI Pathway

FIT Patient Information Leaflet

Information Leaflet

CRUK Screening vs Symtomatic FIT Info Graphic

Cancer FIT Leaflet

9 Blood and Nutrition

Anaemia pathway

Haematology Top Tips

Vitamin D guidance - Children

Vitamin D guidance - Adults:

Vitamin D and Lifestyle

Vitamin D patient advice leaflet  

10 Musculoskeletal and joint diseases

ESCAPE Pain Poster

Fit4Health and Escape Pain Referral Form

GP ESCAPE Pain Referral Checklist

NSAIDs: Risk Reduction 

Falls and Fracture Top Tips

Link to Orthopaedic videos 

Guidelines for Referral to Adult Rheumatology 


Cervical Spine Pathway

Thoracic Spine Pathway

Lumbar Spine Pathway

Lower Back Pain Pathway

Imaging for Back Pain

Start Back Tool Screening and Scoring 

Low Back Pain Conservative management

Low Back Pain -Patient Advice Leaflet - Chronic

Low  Back Pain - Patient Advice Leaflet - Acute

Low Back Pain Pharmacological Management


Shoulder Pathway


Elbow Pathway

Elbow Pathway supporting information

Hand & Wrist

Hand and wrist Pathway


Hip Pathway  

Hip Replacement Guidelines


Knee Pathway

Knee Replacement Guidelines

Foot & Ankle

Foot & Ankle Pathway

New Podiatry Rapid Access Referral form

11 Eye

RFT Glucoma Guidelines

Ocular Lubricant Prescribing Guidelines

Ophthalmology Top Tips 

Link to Ophthalmic videos 

12 Ear, nose and oropharynx

A Guide to Referral of Common ENT conditions

General ENT Top Tips and Epworth Sleepiness Score

13 Skin

NHS Emollient Prescribing Guidelines

Eczema Guidelines

Leg Ulceration Top Tips

Management of Psoriasis Guidelines

Management of Scalp Psoriasis Guidelines


Red Legs Pathway


14 Immunological products and vaccines  

Vaccine and Malaria prophylaxis guidance 


15 Anaesthesia 


16 Dressings and appliances

Wound Care Formulary 


17 Paediatric


Paediatric Antimicrobial Policy

Antimicrobial Policy for Neonatel

 UTI in Children - updated Antibiotic choices

 Policy for the Prescribing of Antifungals for the treatment of Orpharyngeal Candidiasis in Neonates and Babies


Constipation in Children and Young People

Enuresis Top Tips

Paediatric Rapid Access Referral Pathway

Paediatric Rapid Access Referral Form - Use from 29th March 2018

Paediatric Orthopaedic Top Tips

GORD in children

Faltering Growth Guidelines - Primary Care

Faltering Growth Guidelines - Secondary Care 


Asthma Care Pathway

Asthma Reviews in Primary Care Pathway

Asthma Service Referral Form

Childhood Asthma top tips Dec 12

Primary Care Diagnosis of Asthma

Bronchiolitis pathway and assessment for primary care 

Unwell Child

0-5 Illness advice Sheet 

Morning pathway Management of acutely ill 0 - 5 yr olds 

Fever pathway

Gastroenteritis pathway and assessment for primary care


CAMHS Referral Guidelines

CAMHS Referral Form

Top Tips for Children & Young People's Emotional Wellbeing Issues 

18 Other

Guidance on suicide prevention for GPs

Suicide Prevention Top Tips

Palliative Care Guidelines

Chronic Disease Stability

Domestic Abuse

Intravenous Therapy to Adults

Top Tips for Supporting Carers

Breast Lumps in Young Women Pathway

Breast Lump Patient Information Leaflet


Patient Information Leaflet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fit for Surgery Top Tips

IFR Policy

Screen shot of Emis web clinical thresholds

Screen shot of System One clinical thresholds

List of providers for weight management

Comparisons of the variances between EBI and CfO


20 Fitter, Better, Sooner

Get Healthy Rotherham Referral Leaflet

Get Healthy Rotherham Information for Professional Referrers