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Rotherham's Social

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In Rotherham the Social Prescribing Service is delivered by a third party organisation in partnership with local voluntary and community organisations (VCOs).

The Rotherham CCG Social prescribing model is based around a core team of advisors employed by a host organisation and a grant programme, which funds additional capacity within the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS), enabling the development of new community-based services, and increased capacity within existing VCS service provision.

The Rotherham CCG model covers the whole of the borough of Rotherham. Currently there are two social prescribing schemes running in Rotherham


Long-term Conditions Social Prescribing Scheme

This scheme aims to increase the capacity of GPs to meet the non-clinical needs of patients with complex long-term conditions (LTCs).  The Service was first commissioned as a two-year Pilot in 2012. In 2014-15 it was re-commissioned for a further year with an additional 3 years of service provision contracted in April 2015, and funded through the Better Care Fund (BCF). At its core, a team of Voluntary and Community Sector Advisors (VCSAs) provide a single gateway to voluntary and community support for GPs and Service users. They receive referrals from GPs of eligible patients and carers and assess their support needs before referring on to appropriate VCS services.

 The Service also administers a grant funding pot through which a 'menu' of VCS activities to meet the needs of Service users is commissioned. The service covers the whole of the borough of Rotherham and is one of the largest of its kind, as the majority of social prescribing activity in the UK has had a much smaller geographic focus and has not provided, in all cases, grant funding for services. 


Mental Health Social Prescribing Scheme

The Rotherham Social Prescribing Mental Health Pilot was developed to help people with mental health conditions overcome the barriers which prevent discharge from secondary mental health care services. It initially ran from April 2015 to March 2016 but has since been extended into a full scheme. The service helps service users build and direct their own packages of support, tailored to their specific needs, by encouraging them to access personalised services in the community provided by established local voluntary and community organisations, and to develop their own peer-led activities.

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