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Rotherham Equipment Service

The issue

We had to re-procure our equipment service, as the then current provider – Rotherham Hospital – were no longer able to provide the service

We asked

How people wanted to be involved. People wanted to know about what was happening, and why people also wanted to be part of the process, to make sure any new provider kept the parts of the service that people valued, while improving areas where there were concerns.

We did

We organised a survey, and focus groups. Active Independence worked with us on this, arranging telephone interviews and identifying people to attend the focus groups.

You said

There were a lot that people valued in the existing service – fast response and knowledgeable helpful staff. However people also wanted better access, to avoid waste through recycling equipment, and a louder voice

We did

We made sure that these elements were written into the new service specification, and asked user representatives to help us in identifying the best new service provider

What has happened

The new provider will organise a user group to help receive feedback on the service.  This will be a virtual group to being with.