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Our Publications

This section of our website gives you access to all of our most up to date publications, including information about our commissioning intentions and the NHS Rotherham CCG Consitution. 

NHS Rotherham CCG Constitution 

NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group, was among the first wave of CCGs to be authorised by the NHS Commissioning Board.

The authorisation process was a rigorous five month assessment of organisations to make sure that they were able to commission health services on behalf of their local population.  The NHS Commissioning Board, now known as NHS England, commented that all new organisations had demonstrated excellence and a high level of achievement.

Our Constitution, a key requirement of authorisation, was agreed by all our members (GP practices) and sets out how the CCG works to ensure that things are done properly.  It was approved by NHS England and cannot be changed without their permission. The main things that are covered include:

  • Members of the Governing Body
  • Who sits on the Governing Body and how they are appointed
  • How we make decisions
  • How we manage any potential conflicts of interest
  • How we make sure we meet our statutory duties
  • How we monitor services to make sure they are safe and of high quality

Our Annual Commissioning Plan sets out our purpose, responsibilities, mission, values and priorities and the CCG’s contribution to delivering Rotherham’s overall Health and Wellbeing Strategy (H&WBS).

Visit the Annual Commissioning Plan 2014/19 section of our website for a more detailed breakdown of our plan.