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Primary Care Extended Access

 The Government’s mandate to NHS England sets out that:

  • By October 2018, 100% of the country will benefit from extended access to GP appointments at evenings and weekends.

Appointments are defined as scheduled slots with a GP, nurse or other member of general practice staff providing direct patient care. Appointments must be pre-bookable and extended access means that these appointments must be available in the early mornings (before 8am Monday to Friday), in the evenings (after 6:30pm Monday to Friday) and at weekends (weekend timings to be confirmed later).

Appointments with a GP, nurse or other healthcare professional are now available in the evenings and weekends across Rotherham, run by our federation of GPs - Connect Healthcare Rotherham

  • Mon–Fri 6:30–8:00pm

  • Sat 8:00–12:00pm

  • Sun 8:00–11:00am

The receptionist at your practice can book you an appointment. Contact them for more details.

Download the information poster here