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PREVENT - what is Prevent and Channel About:         

It is about early intervention to protect and divert people away from the risk they may face at an early opportunity. Partners already work with individuals vulnerable to being drawn into criminal activity such as drugs, knife or gang crime.

The Department of Health Prevent guidance and toolkit Building Partnerships, Staying Safe for healthcare organisations  and healthcare workers  highlights the fundamental concept that patients, service users and staff who are at risk of radicalisation should be considered as vulnerable persons in the context of the existing safeguarding agenda.  As such, radicalisation should be considered as a form of abuse in a similar way to exploitation, intimidation and coercion which are familiar terms to healthcare professionals involved in safeguarding adults and children. 

2 minute Guide to Prevent

Prevent Building Partnerships, Staying Safe - Guidance for Healthcare Organisations

Prevent Strategy – June 2011 

Prevent Duty and Guidance for England & Wales - July 2015

Prevent Escalation Process - Concerns with Patients

Prevent Leaflet

Prevent Tragedies Campaign Leaflet

Building Partnerships, Staying Safe: guidance for healthcare organisations

Channel Process

Protecting vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism – April 2015

Families against stress and trauma - FAST

Truetube - Supporting materials and videos

Stay Safe

‘Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack – Run, Hide, Tell’, film, which is available on the NPCC Youtube website. 

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