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Personal Health Budgets

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How to request a Personal Health Budget (PHB) Please call 01709 302027 or email 

A Personal Health Budget is an amount of money allocated to pay for your health and well being needs agreed between you and your local NHS team.   Personal Health Budgets help people with long term health conditions manage their care and support in a way that suits them.  It helps them to have more choice and flexibility in the way their care and support needs are met.   Any adult or child who is eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare can have a Personal Health Budget if they want one.   There are plans to widen the availability of Personal Health Budgets in the future.

Many people have said that by using a Personal Health Budget they have more flexibility, choice and control over how money gets spent on their care and support.  This makes them feel more involved and more positive.


Managing a Personal Health Budget

Personal Health Budgets are managed in one of three ways or a combination of all three.

Notional - We tell you have much money is available for your care; you say how you want us to spend the money. If your local NHS team agree this meets your needs they arrange the care and support for you.

Third Party - An organisation looks after the money for you and you say how you want to spend it. If your local NHS team agrees this meets your needs, the organisation pays for the care and support you have chosen.

Direct Payments - Once your care plan has been agreed, we give you or your representative the money to buy and manage your own healthcare and support. Your local NHS team must agree that this meets your needs.

You can spend your Personal Health Budget on any care or services that are set out in your care plan and agreed with your local NHS team.  You will be able to use your Personal Health Budget for a range of things to help you meet your goals, for example therapies, personal care and equipment.  You don’t have to change the healthcare and support that is working well for you, but if there is something that isn’t working, you can change that.

Things you can’t include in your plan will be explained to you at the beginning of the planning process.  You will not need to pay for emergency care and care you normally get from a GP.  You are also not allowed to spend the money on gambling, debt repayment, alcohol or tobacco, or anything illegal.


Film to support CCGs with offering personal health budgets

NHS England has published an animated film showing how personal health budgets can offer more choice for people as part of NHS Continuing Healthcare. Since October 2014, people receiving NHS Continuing Healthcare have had a legal right to have a personal health budget, enabling them to receive care and support that best suits them. The film describes six steps of offering a personal health budget, and is a resource for all Continuing Healthcare professionals. The film is part of a programme of work to support CCGs to offer personal health budgets and ensure more people benefit from personalised healthcare. 


Further Information

For more information please call 01709 302027 or email 

Personal Health Budgets 

Rotherham NHS Continuing Healthcare Team

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