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Our Plan

Commissioning Plan 2016 - 2020

The Commissioning Plan sets out Rotherham CCG’s vision for the next 4 years and a detailed plan for 2016/17.  This includes our purpose, values and priorities and the CCG’s contribution to delivering Rotherham’s overall Health and Wellbeing Strategy (H&WBS). The plan is developed using the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for Rotherham, which helps to inform the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. 

Numerous stakeholders have been engaged in the development of the plan, these include member practices, partners and the public.  In addition, throughout the commissioning cycle the CCG undertakes a breadth of consultations on specific areas in the form of events and consultations. 

The Commissioning Plan is broken down into two parts; part one provides the strategic content and part two details how the plan will be delivered and covers 15 key areas of work. You can download our latest Commissioning Plan in PDF format here (parts one and two combined). 

The following documents support our Commissioning Plan: