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Rotherham Hospital (TRFT) told us that they would like to move Ophthalmology services from the hospital site to Community Health Centre in the town centre. We asked people what they thought about this idea, how they travelled and if they would have problems if the department moved.  We talked to people in the department, and to Rotherham Sight and Sound, and asked a number of community groups and organisations.

People told us

  • A lot of people were very happy with the plans to move the department, as it is currently very cramped
  • Some people were concerned about the change, and wanted to know that the staff they thought highly of would still be there
  • Some people had concerns about parking and crossing the road
  • Sight and Sound staff told us it would be a great opportunity to work closely together

What we are doing

  • Rotherham hospital staff agreed to keep Sight and Sound up to date; as well as other community organisations
  • CCG and TRFT staff  walked from the department to the multi-story car park and bus station to identify any problems, and will continue to mitigate any we can
  • The closest car parking will be reserved for patients