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Drug & Alcohol Guidlines

 Drug and Alcohol Guidelines 


The Drug and Alcohol guidelines are owned by Public Health and hosted by the CCG to support their delivery in primary care. They are both overdue for a refresh which is scheduled for 2018, but are not considered to be clinically inaccurate.

Shared Care for patients who misuse drugs 

Primary Care Alcohol Guidelines 

Drug misuse and dependence: UK guidelines on clinical management

 Often called the Orange Book, this is guidance for clinicians treating people with drug problems.

 This 2017 version offers new guidelines on how clinicians should treat people with drug misuse and drug dependence problems.


Nalmefene Documents

Nalemefene pathway & prescribing guidance

GP initial 2 weeks drinks diary

PCAT nalmefene 4 weekly drink diary

PCAT nalmafene review sheet