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Mental Health

Rotherham Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Local Transformation Plan

The CCG is responsible for commissioning a range of CAMHS services in Rotherham. Other organisations also commission CAMHS services, including; Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (Public Health and Children’s services), NHS England and individual schools/colleges.

A large number of organisations provide CAMHS services across a range of levels. These include Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber Foundation Trust (RDaSH), The Rotherham Foundation Trust (TRFT), Rotherham & Barnsley MIND, Rotherham MAST, RMBC Early Help, Looked after and Adopted Children’s services and Educational Psychology services, GPs, the Youth Offending Service, voluntary sector organisations such as Barnados & the National Autistic Society, and various private sector Inpatient providers such as Alpha.

In early 2015, the Department of Health published the national ‘Future in Mind’ (FiM) report.  This was structured around five key themes:-

  • Promoting resilience, prevention and early intervention.
  • Improving Access
  • Care for the most vulnerable
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Developing the workforce

The report laid out the Government’s plans for developing CAMHS services over the next five years to 2020 and it required that all CCGs develop a ‘Local CAMHS Transformation Plan’.

The original plan was published in October 2015 and detailed how, at a local level, the CCG would deliver key recommendations from the Future in Mind report.

Rotherham's Local Transformation Plan is available to download version 1

Rotherham CAMHS LTP - Action Plan 

CAMHS Assurance Data 

The CCG has now prepared a refresh of the original plan, which updates on all the original development areas and outlines some future new areas.

Rotherham’s Local Transformation Plan Refresh is available to download – version 2

Rotherham's Local Transformation Plan Refresh is available to download - Version 3 - October 2017

Rotherham's Local Transformation Plan Refresh is available to download - Version 4 - October 2018

Rotherham's Local Transformation Plan Refresh is available to download - Version 5 - October 2019

Baseline Data Collection Tool

Baseline Data Collection Tool - October 2017

Baseline Data Collection Tool - October 2018