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Improving the Respiratory Pathway

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During the summer of 2019, we did a lot of work on the pathway for people with respiratory conditions.  Using a survey, sent out by GPs to people with specific conditions, and drop in sessions Working with staff from Rotherham Hospital:

We asked

  • About people’s experiences

  • About what worked well

  • About what could be improved

Patients told us

  • That they wanted the gym facilities in Breathing Space to be repaired

  • That they were very interested in being involved in looking at and designing the rehabilitation pathway

  • That they were concerned about the quality of care in the hospital, following the change of location of the beds

  • People wanted to see the results of the engagement exercise at a time and place convenient to them

What we have done and will do

  • Rotherham Hospital are organising repairs to the equipment during the winter of 2019-20

  • We have deferred work on the rehabilitation pathway to spring 2020 so that people with respiratory conditions will be more able to get involved

  • We pulled the results of the work into a display, which has been in Breathing Space for 2 months

  • We have looked at the feedback on the new respiratory ward (A3) over several months, and as soon as we have enough to be meaningful; we will share this with patients, using the display at Breathing Space