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ICON is fundamentally a public health message with the ultimate purpose to reduce Shaken Baby Syndrome. The impact of Shaken Baby Syndrome is catastrophic for the individual, the family and ultimately society. As babies who endure this often die or are left with significant lifelong disabilities.

ICON represents:

  I   - Infant crying is normal – and it will stop! Babies start to cry more frequently from around 2 weeks of age.

The crying may get more frequent and last longer. After about 8 weeks of age babies start to cry less each week.

 C  - Comforting methods can help - Think about are they: hungry?   tired?   in need of a nappy change?

Try simple calming techniques such as singing to the baby or going for a walk.

 O  - It’s OK to walk away – if you have checked the baby is safe and the crying is getting to you.

After a few minutes when you are feeling calm, go back and check on the baby

 N  - Never, ever shake a baby or hurt a baby. Shaking can cause lasting brain damage or death.

If you are worried that your baby is unwell contact your GP or call NHS 111.

ICON is an evidence based programme consisting of a series of brief ‘touchpoint’ interventions that reinforce the simple message making up the ICON acronym.

ICON was conceived following years of study and research into prevention of Abusive Head Trauma (AHT) or as is known in England Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Family Support: electronic links to resources including parent link to videos


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