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Are you using the right service for your condition? You can visit your pharmacy and be seen quickly for conditions detailed on this poster

The Urgent and Emergency Care Centre (UECC) provides immediate emergency care for people who show the symptoms of serious illness or are badly injured.
If you call 999 for an ambulance, the telephone adviser will arrange for appropriate assistance for the patient, based on the information provided about their illness or injury.

Emergency services are very busy. They should only be used in very serious or life-threatening situations.  Choosing the right service, appropriate for your condition, will ensure you receive the best possible treatment, leaving emergency services to those who need them most.

The Urgent and Emergency Care Centre (UECC) at Rotherham General Hospital is run by The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust and provides care to people suffering from injury or illness requiring urgent treatment.

Around 74,000 patients attend Rotherham UECC every year – equivalent to 200 people a day.  This has risen by a fifth (13,000) in the last five years.

Patients with long-standing problems or minor illnesses should seek help from other areas such as their GP, Pharmacist or NHS Direct. If the UECC feel you could receive treatment in a more appropriate place you may be redirected for treatment.

The Urgent and Emergency Care Centre is on Level B of the main hospital and there are red signs, both outside and inside the building, to direct you.