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Easy Access Information

We try to make sure that our information is in easy to understand language wherever we can. Where needed we will also provide information in Easy Read, or in other formats. 

Where we can we will use different ways of providing information, using graphics and pictures, and animations or videos. There are several ways of making sure that we provide information in this way. We have a style guide that sets out how all our information should be produced link to style guide.  

We ask patients and the public to check information for us (please see the ‘Your Say’ pages if you are interested in joining our Reader Group)

Our leaflets and posters can also be supplied in braille, audio format, PDF, large print and other languages on request. To have our information provided in a different format please email 

Rotherham Health Record

Following feedback from patients during the development of information materials an easy read version of the leaflet was produced in partnership with Speak Up. The easy read version of the leaflet can be read here

Using the right Health Services

Rotherham Hospital has produced information as part of the Rotherham ‘Place’ work around using the right service at the right time.  They have used animations so that this information is easy to understand and can be shared widely  

The Future of Community-based Healthcare

This animation was produced by Rotherham Hospital on behalf of Rotherham Place; and describes how we will all be working together to improve services.

Digital future

This animation explains how we are working together to use new technology and digital devices to improve care

Urgent and Emergency Care Centre

This clip will take you on a virtual walk through of the new centre. It might be really helpful if you or the person you care might need to attend, and would be scared or worried about a place they hadn’t been to before.

Getting the best out of Rotherham’s Health and Social Care

This animation helps to explain the Rotherham Place Plan, and describes some of the work that will help us to transform services and provide better care for patients and the public.

Rotherham Maternity Voices – thanks

Our Maternity Voices group asked mums what they wanted to say to Rotherham midwives, and put this together as a result.

Maternity voices have started to work with mums on easy information in formats that mums want 



Hospital Services Review

Working across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, there is easy read information on the work that has been done already.  

The survey that has been used very widely was an easy read version, as this was most popular with everyone. 

Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, Mid Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Hospital Services Review (easy read)

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, Mid Yorkshire and North Derbyshire: Hospital Services Programme (easy read)