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Corporate policies

Incident Management PolicyBusiness Continuity Policy

Policy & Procedure on Complaints Management

Conflicts of Interest Policy Including Standards of Business Conduct and Gifts and Hospitality

Display Screen Equipment Policy (DSE)

Policy and Procedure for the Development and Management of Procedural Documents

Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response Policy

Equality, Diversity & Human Rights Policy

Fire Safety Policy including the Fire Procedure

Freedom of Information Policy & Procedure

Green Plan

Health and Safety Policy

Home Working Policy

Incident Management Policy

Management of Intellectual Property Policy

Induction mandatory and Statutory training Policy

Integrated Risk Management Framework – Policy & Procedure

Lone Working Policy (incorporated into the Policy and Procedure for the Management of Security)

Policy and Procedure for the Management of Security - including Lone Working Procedure

Media Relations Policy

Sustainable Development Plan Sept 2018

Whistleblowing Policy

Workplace Healthy Eating Policy

Workplace Physical Activity Policy

Standard Operating Procedures

Accessing Legal Advice Procedure

COSHH Standard Operating Procedure

Driving for Work Standard Operating Procedure

Moving and Handling Procedure

Access to Personal Files Procedure

Heatwave Plan for England 2018

Sustainability Plan 2018

Procedure for Completing EIA/Engagement Forms

National Heatwave Plan 2019

First Aid Procedure

EPRR Core Standards Self-Assessment Tool 2019

EPRR Core Standards Self-Assessment 2020

EPRR Core Standards Self Assessment 2021