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Closed Consultations and Engagement Reports


Engagement Mapping 2017-2018

We constantly monitor all our engagement, involvement and consultation work against our commissioning plans. This allows us to identify priorities and gaps, and to see at a glance all the ways that people can and do influence our work as commissioners. We compile this into one document.  From April 2018, we will annually publish this document for the previous year.

Engagement Mapping 2017-2018 Document

Engagement Mapping 2016 - 2017 

Consultation and Engagement reports 

Rotherham Integrated Care Partnership Communications and Engagement Strategy Workshop 

In November 2019, a wide group of stakeholders from statutory and voluntary organisations came together to shape how we undertake communications and engagement activity for Rotherham Integrated Health and Social Care. This has not been published as a separate stand-alone report, but will inform the strategy and action plan, which is currently being developed and will be shared with Rotherham residents and partners upon completion in early 2020. Local people of Rotherham will continue to play a key part in shaping relevant and effective ways to work with our population to improve the integration of our services in the future. 

Men's Mental Health

NHS Rotherham CCG is working with stakeholders and communities across Rotherham to improve the support for men in terms of mental health at a community level; through raising awareness and building in community activity.  Two key projects are the small grants scheme and ‘Be the One’.  

The second round of small grants was allocated in October 2019, and the report (found here) for the first set of grants was published at the same time.  (Link to report)  This has demonstrated the real difference and benefit these small amounts of targeted funding can bring.  The grants are targeted at very much ‘upstream’ interventions, ensuring that mental health is on the agenda, is in men’s vocabulary, and building conversations and activity.  Organisations have told us that as a result, some are using the finding as a basis for additional funding; others have told us about men now ready to join mainstream groups, who are working again for the first time in years, and men who have found creative outlets that have allowed them to express themselves as never before.  

‘Be the one’ is a campaign encouraging all of us to be the person that will talk and listen for friends and family that are struggling; people with lived experience of mental health problems were fundamental in designing and building the approach.  It was launched on World Suicide Prevention Day 2019 and has since gathered more than 250,000 website hits and seen by over one million people on social media (before the ends of 2019). We have received many powerful messages from people touched by suicide, with key case studies appearing in the local press.  Find out more about the campaign and view our short video here -  

Trailblazer project supporting children’s mental health

Rotherham and Doncaster are piloting a ground-breaking project to support Children’s Mental Health, with staff based in schools to offer support. The whole project has been co-designed with young people at every stage, with a series of workshops in schools involving primary and secondary age children and young people.  The young people were very clear about all aspects of the project, from the promotional materials, to access and what they wanted to see in place – some of which was incorporated, though other suggestions, such as school dogs, perhaps was a little more challenging to act on. The project is now at the initial operational phase, with mental health support teams providing support to the schools. The feedback from students continue to shaping information and promotional materials for the service. An official launch for the service formed part of children's mental health week and Time to Talk Day. 

Primary Care Access

During  winter 2018-18, we used the texting  service to ask patients  about access to primary care, and what they wanted and needed.  We had an amazing response, with over 2,000 responses, though a small number were discounted as incomplete, or not Rotherham patients. 

From this, the challenges in accessing primary care for people in work, or with other commitments such as caring were clear, a number of people referred to the challenges of access for shift workers, and the difficulties in seeking routine care for check-ups and tests.  It was also apparent that although many people’s first preference was for a face to face appointment, that a large number of people would consider an alternative means of accessing care, if this meant that access was prompt and convenient.  Younger people and those in work particularly expressed interest in using new technologies; and it was noted that these may increase access for those with poor mobility or young children. As a result of this, we are improving access through the Rotherham Health App and through the Extended Access Hubs.

Revised GP Strategy

During the summer 2019, we worked on a revised GP strategy, and shared this with PPG representatives across Rotherham, and to Healthwatch Rotherham. Although there were few amendments or comments as a result of this, several people noted that they were happy to have received the information and found it interesting.

We did receive comments from a PPG about the difficulties of recruiting GPs to general practice; and have acknowledged that this is a national issue, and that there are no easy solutions.  We continue to work with our  constituent PPGs on the new roles within practices, and will be looking at a campaign on this in 2020.

Engagement on the NHS Long Term Plan

We worked across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS, and commissioned local Healthwatch organisations to  engage extensively  on this. A report covering the whole of the ICS is here, and the engagement completed in Rotherham specifically is available, with a list of the engagement sessions and a full report here .  We are using the information from these events to inform our commissioning activities both in Rotherham and also across the ICS.

Improving the Respiratory Pathway

During Autumn 2019, we undertook an engagement exercise with respiratory patients and families to help shape improvements to the respiratory pathway. We reviewed our respiratory services, having considered feedback from patients and their families looked at best practice across the country to help us redesign services for patients in Rotherham. Findings can be viewed here.

569 Million Reasons - Over the Counter Medication

Following work completed in Rotherham, and a National consultation, NHS Rotherham CCG worked with partners across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw on this survey and campaign, with an unprecedented number of responses, and giving us some really strong messages about people’s attitudes to over the counter medication.  Click here to see the report. See also the ‘You said’ section of this site.

Ophthalmology – Move to the Community Health Centre 

During summer 2019, we spent time talking to people about the potential impact of moving ophthalmology services into the Community Health Centre building in Rotherham town centre, with staff supporting a survey completed in Ophthalmology outpatients department, and contact with a number of community groups and organisations, outlining the proposal and offering a visit to discuss it.  We attended a number of carer and older people’s groups, and ensured that any questions were answered, generally there were no questions, and people were supportive of the proposal. 

Please click here for the closed consultations and engagement reports.

Hospital Services Review Report October 2018

View the full engagement report for the hospital services review here

Community Equipment Service – re-procurement engagement report

During 2018 we worked closely with service users and their representatives on the re-procurement of the community equipment service, after the existing service provider terminated the contract.

The views of service users were key in increasing the focus on recycling and access, while preserving the aspects of the service people most appreciated.  In addition, we have asked that the new service providers build on this by establishing a service user group.  The full report is here.

Minor Ailments Scheme (2018) – All Engagement Activity compiled here 

NHS Rotherham CCG has worked with patients, the public and organisations extensively over a number of years to identify potential savings to prescribing.  This came in part from issues raised by patients and the voluntary sector, who felt we needed to reduce waste in this area as a priority.  There have been a number of strands to this work; and the CCG has involved patients in each element – for example identifying and tackling waste; where people where important in terms of developing a campaign.  We have also spoken to a number of groups and individuals around prescribing items of low cost.  The next work stream will be ensuring that our Minor Ailments Scheme is effective and targeted to those most in need.

User involvement Project in Family Health  - Focus group with Y11 students at Brinsworth Academy – 18th July 2018 (The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust)

Building on work carried out by the CCG, Rotherham Hospital and staff from Brinsworth school  ran a focus group with sixth form students who were studying Health and Social care. The young people  were asked for their thoughts and reflections on their own experiences of receiving health care.

This focus group was the first of several planned sessions with children and young people to ask them about ‘what good looks like’ when they visit a health practitioner; and will be used to help plan  and shape future services at Rotherham Hospital. Click here to view the Report

GP Access Survey (Dec 2017) 

Final report of the GP access survey; this will be used to inform extended hours provision in Rotherham here

 Body Image and Mental Health - Youth Cabinet Project

In 2017/18, the CCG funded the Youth Cabinet to undertake work around Body Image and Mental Health. The following report offers a summary of the work undertaken by members of Rotherham Youth Cabinet with this funding.  This work was led by  young people, from issues raised by other young people, and has also led to the creation of drama and film resources, and has influenced the commissioning priorities for CAMHS. You can access the True To You Report here. 

Living With and Beyond Cancer  (LWABC)

Since 2016, NHS Commissioners, Macmillan,  service providers, the voluntary and community sector, and patients and families have been working together to look at cancer services across South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire.  This report is the start of work focused on people who are living with cancer that will not be cured. Many thanks to those people who supported the work throughout 2018 and to all those involved in the locality and regional workshops. The recommendations in the report will be taken forward through both the Cancer Alliance and the LWABC programme, and through locality managers in each area. You can access the report here. 

Waste Campaign Report 2016 - Reducing Medicines Waste

During a priority setting exercise to inform our Commissioning Intentions, people told us that they felt it important that we minimise waste before any services were reduced. The medicines management team have undertaken additional consultation, and, working with patient representatives, have co-created poster campaigns and processes to highlight medicines waste and to tackle this. 

The campaign has highlighted areas of concern, and made people aware of stockpiling issues. From this, a subsequent campaign to reduce over ordering through third parties was implemented. Together, this initiatives have resulted in over £2,000,000 of saving (by the end of 2018).

Working together to promote Personal Care Assistant Roles

In the spirit of partnership working Rotherham Local Authority, CCG, Job Centre Plus, Active Independence (a local User Led Organisation) and Skills for Care came together to deliver an event to publicise and raise the awareness of the role of the Personal Care Assistant.  The event on the 11th July at the New York Stadium in Rotherham had information stalls and presentations to inform interested people about the interesting and varied role of the Personal Care Assistant.  Personal Care Assistants are employed directly by people needing support and work on a one to one basis delivering a variety of different support including assisting people to get out and about, attending social events, going to work as well as personal care.  Over 40 people came to the event and as of now around 7 people have moved into a new role.  If you would like more information about becoming a Personal Care Assistant please contact Active Independence by emailing or visit the Skills for Care website.  

Prescribing low cost self-care medication

Discussions took place between June and September 2016 on access to over the counter medications using a variety of methods  including electronic surveys and social media; individual and group discussions, with people from a variety of ages and backgrounds. Click here for more information.

Conversations on Clinical Thresholds 

Between June 2015 and September 2016, NHS Rotherham CCG has held a number of conversations with different bodies on the introduction of clinical thresholds.  These were instigated at the2015 AGM, and widened during 2016. Click here to for more information.

Voice and Influence Work

Rotherham Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) review of children and young people’s voice and influence took place between January and April 2016.

Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Children, Young People and Families’ Consortium and partners knew of good examples of CAMHS being developed through input from children, young people and families and had some information about what people wanted but did not feel that this was enough across all services all the time.  We, the CCG therefore commissioned Practical Participation to review the nature and extent of children and young people’s voice and influence in Rotherham CAMHS, covering both the NHS and voluntary sector providers. This guided enquiry drew on the experiences of children and young people, as well as speaking with parents, staff and managers. It proposed a number of participation priorities to build into our services in order to strengthen children and young people’s voice and influence, to increase the responsiveness of services and to improve mental health outcomes. 

We first drew together what children and young people in Rotherham and elsewhere have told us about their experiences of mental health services, of being listened to and about their participation priorities. We then used this information in guided conversations through a number of focus groups to review findings and present recommendations to the CCG, CAMHS Strategy Group and the Health and Wellbeing Board, Young Ambassadors.  In the focus groups, we sought to understand children and young people’s voice and influence in three main ways across leadership, management and the daily practice of staff: 

  • Experience: capturing people’s experiences in different and innovative ways and ensuring this is used to develop and improve services;

  • Individual involvement: children and young people and families are involved in their own care and in making decisions;

  • Public involvement: collective involvement in planning, developing and monitoring the quality of services in a variety of ways. 

The report has been presented to the CAMHS strategic partnership and is already its main recommendation is already being used to help children and young people’s participation become built in to the mental health services across Rotherham. 

Our thanks to all the children and young people and their parents who took part and to the workers who supported them.

My Mind Conference

On Monday 21st March 2016, Rotherham Youth Cabinet held a conference for young people and professionals who work with families, children and young people. The conference was held at Rotherham New York Stadium and was planned to meet one of the group’s Manifesto Aims for 2015/2016 which was:
‘To organise a conference for young people to explore self-help techniques around mental health to help them manage their own emotional well-being and thus prevent escalation to other services eg CAMHS’.

The conference was planned and organised by young people from the Youth Cabinet. They took responsibility for the smooth running of the day including coordinating workshop deliverers, organising conference delegates, time keeping of the programme, presenting on stage and seeking solutions to issues which arose. 

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Conference

Please access the young people’s mental health website, ‘my mind matters’ here.

Products for specialised services

In February, NHS England launched a 30 day public consultation on a number of new products for specialised services. There has already been extensive engagement on these national specifications and policies. They have been developed with the support and input of lead clinicians and tested with stakeholders. This approach has helped ensure that the views of key stakeholders have informed and influenced the development of the specifications and policies to date. Results for this consultation will be published on the NHS England 's website.

 NHS England to ask military veterans how to improve mental health services

NHS England asked the armed forces veterans to share their experience of mental health services and help improve future care across the country. NHS England's Veterans Survey is now closed as of 31 March 2016.

The Changing Faces of GP Services

On the 19th November 2015, we held two facilitated sessions to look at GP services in Rotherham, to inform our commissioning plan and our primary care strategy. Read the report and actions here

  • In April 2015, Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group took on the responsibility for commissioning GP Services in Rotherham.  This gives us some great opportunities, but also some huge challenges. 
  • We know that demand is increasing, and that we have more people living longer with long term conditions, who need – and will continue to need – services that meet their needs. 
  • We also know that some practices are struggling to recruit staff. 
  • Some people struggle to get appointments when they want them. 
  • New technology offers different ways of working – but it isn’t appropriate for everyone! 
  • It would be great to have really active patient groups in every GP practice – how can we do this?

We wanted to offer a space to consider these issues, and to attract a wide range of participants, with impartial discussions, and the opportunity to think really differently.  

Event Report to follow



Your Health, your Say

Your feedback is needed to help us plan health services in the future. NHS Rotherham CCG commissions (plans and buys) health services for Rotherham. Every year we produce a plan which details our plans and priority areas of work for the next year. Access our current plan here. 

We are now starting work on the plan for 2015-16, so that we have a draft ready for January 2015, as required. We continue to involve people in many aspects of our work, and in specific work streams, this will of course continue and grow.

In addition, we want to share with you and ask your views on some underpinning principles and general priorities.

During the autumn we asked for feedback on our plans and priorities for the future both through the website and via public events, receiving over 200 contacts and comments. For a summary of the results and to see how these will influence our work click here.

NHS England Cancer Drug Fund Standard Operating Procedures Consultation

In October NHS England ran a consultation on proposed changes to the way its Cancer Drug Fund operates the findings of this consultation from NHS England through consultation page

Children and Young People

During 2014-15, the CCG has been working with Rotherham Parents Forum Limited, to make sure that the voice of young people is really used to inform the way that services are delivered.  Although this work is very new, its already proving incredibly insightful and useful. The forum have undertaken consultation work aligned with the SEND agenda, and  focused on ensuring that young people are at the focus of services.

Accessing Rotherham Health Services 

Appendix A - Health Consultation Results

In addition, the forum led on funding and organisating a health conference  (report to follow).  The focus of this was to look at pockets of great local practice and consider how they could be extended.  In addition, some of the main themes from the consultation were captured by a young people’s theatre group   (Link to follow).

This is just the start of this work and the CCG hopes to continue working with the Parents Forum with young people and their families in these areas and in new area of work in the future.

Rotherham Learning Disability Services Review

In June/July we ran a public consultation to consider the options for the future of Rotherhams Learning Disability (LD) service. 

Rotherham Learning Disability Services Review - View results here.

The consultation document outlined the recommended options that will address current issues with Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU) services and enhance community services.

A summary of all the feedback and the consultation process, together with actions being taken can be viewed below:

Learning Disability - Assessment report and outcomes summary November 2014

Uniform Consultation Presentation

Below are all the supporting documents from the consultation:

View the consultation flyer

View our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Feedback from 3 July at Oak Road

Feedback from 9 July at Speak Up

Feedback from 29th July at Addison Day Centre

Feedback from 30th July at Town Hall, Rotherham

NHS Rotherham CCG - Learning Disability ATU Consultation Equality Impact Assessment 


Right Care, First Time - Urgent Care Centre proposal 

In May we invited you give us your comments on our proposal to improve urgent care for patients in Rotherham. Between May and July, we opened up our plans for urgent care services, including plans for investment in a new Urgent Care Centre, to public consultation. We promised to review all of the comments we received and build more detailed plans, taking into account what you told us. That’s what we’ve done and we’d like to share the results with you. View the report on the outcome of the Public Consultation 

You said, we did - Mental Health and Learning Disability 

We hear peoples views of services through many different mechanisms: regardless of how we here peoples views and concerns our aim as the commissioner of services is to work with providers to ensure that together we act on what you tell us to ensure that services are continually improved. To demonstrate this we have started to produce a series of posters to show just how vital your feedback is in improving services: 

Improving mental health inpatient services for people with learning disabilities A 

Improving mental health inpatient services for people with learning disabilities B 

Improving health respite care for people with Dementia 

 New Congenital Heart Disease review: 

Launch of consultation on draft standards and service specifications 

Today, NHS England has launched twelve weeks of consultation on draft standards and service specifications for congenital heart disease (CHD) services. This will run until 5pm on 8 December 2014. 

You can find out more about the new congenital heart disease review, of which this is part, by visiting our website:  

Changing Faces of GP Services



Case Management

For more information please visit:

Consultation to change children's surgery and anaesthesia services in South and Mid-Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire -  

Consultation to change hyper-acute stroke services in South Yorkshire, Bassetlaw and North Derbyshire - 

Working Together for a Healthy Rotherham Event 2014

Working together for a healthy Rotherham Presentation Key Notes

Overall Event Summary

Long Term Conditions & Community Transformation - Presentation

Mental Health Health & Well Being - Presentation

Where Do I Go When I'm ill - Presentation

Long Term Conditions - Presentation 




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