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June 2021

We will be holding a meeting of the Governing Body in public from 1.00pm – 3.00m on Wednesday 2 June 2021. Due to the current social distancing  restrictions in place for the Coronavirus pandemic, the meeting will be held as an online video meeting and streamed live on this section of the website and on our NHS Rotherham CCG YouTube channel.  Members of the public will be able to watch, but not take part in the meeting. Further details will be available shortly.  

Questions to Governing Body from members of the public are welcomed, as always, and we would ask you to submit any questions by 1.00pm on Tuesday 1 June 2021 to They will be answered in the meeting and the responses published on the website as part of the minutes of the meeting.  There will be no dialogue entered into with the public during the meeting. 

Please find the papers for the meeting and details for live streamed access below.


Agenda 2 June 2021

Enc 5 Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group Draft Minutes 5 May 2021

Enc 6 Action Log

Enc 7 Chief Officers Report

Enc 10 Prescribing Incentive Scheme 2021-22

Enc 11a Finance and Contracting Performance Report

Enc 11b Delivery Dashboard

Enc 12 Patient Safety and Quality Assurance Report

Enc 13 Patient and Public Engagement and Experience Report

Enc 14 Workforce Race Equality Scheme

Enc 15 Information Governance and Framework Policy

Enc 16 Email, Digital Collaboration and Video Conferencing Policy

Enc 17 Primary Care Committee Annual Report

Enc 18 Primary Care Committee Public Minutes 14 April 2021

Enc 19 A&E Delivery Board 14 April 2021

Enc 20 Audit and Quality Assurance Committee 16 April 2021

Enc 21 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) Health Executive Group (HEG) 13 April 2021

Enc 22 GP Members Committee 28 April 2021

Enc 23 Engagement and Communications Subgroup 19 March 2021

Enc 24 Glossary