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Governing Body

The Governing Body oversees many commissioning activities. Its role is to:

  • Assess the health needs of people living in Rotherham
  • Design and purchase services to meet the needs identified
  • Monitor the quality of health services
  • Plan services to meet future health needs

The CCG has a budget of £403 million.  The majority of this is currently spent on hospital based care.

A further £133m of services is provided by Public Health and the NHS England to provide services such as GPs, Dentists and Pharmacists; public health and highly specialised hospital care

Members of the NHS Rotherham CCG Governing Body

In accordance with the CCGs constitution, the Accountable Officer will be informed of any conflict of interest that needs to be included in the register within not more that 28 days of the change in circumstance and the register will be updated at no more than 3-monthly intervals.Our Governing Body declaration of interests is available here.

Dr Richard Cullen

Dr Richard Cullen

Chair and Chair of the Strategic Clinical Executive

Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards

Chief Officer (Accountable Officer)

John Barber

john barber

Lay Member - Audit, Remuneration and Conflicts of Interest

Dr Geoff Avery

Dr Avery 2

Chair of GP Members Committee 

Dr Jason Page

Jason Page

Vice-Chair of the Strategic Clinical Executive

Ian Atkinson

Ian Atkinson

Deputy Chief Officer, Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)

Dr Simon MacKeown 


Vice Chair of GP Members Committee

Sue Cassin

Sue Cassin

Chief Nurse - Caldicott Guardian

Wendy Allott

Wendy Allott

Chief Finance Officer

Debbie Twell

Debbie Twell

Lay Member - Patient and Public Engagement

 Dr Ryan D'Costa

Dr D'Costa

Secondary Care Specialist Doctor 


Lay Member - Primary Care

Ruth Nutbrown

Ruth Nutbrown

Assistant Chief Officer - Governing Body Secretary

 Dr David Clitherow

David Clitherow   smile

Independent GP on Governing Body 

Participating Observers of the Governing Body

  • Director of Public Health
  • Chair of Rotherham Health and Wellbeing Board