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NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group has, from 1 July 2022, been replaced by the new NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB). The ICB is now responsible for commissioning and funding of health and care services in the local area. Please go to our new website for information about the work of NHS South Yorkshire ICB.

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Committees of the Governing Body


Primary Care Committee

The Primary Care Committee is a corporate decision making body, meeting monthly in public, for the management of the delegated functions given by NHS England from 1st April 2015. It makes decisions on the review, planning and procurement of primary care services in Rotherham. The committee has delegated authority from the CCG Governing Body to make decisions about primary care on its behalf.

Papers for the Primary Care Committee meetings are available here.

Members declaration of Interest

Members of the Primary Care Commissioning Committee

Vacant - Lay Member for Primary Care (Chair)

Deborah Twell  - Lay Member for Public and Patient Engagement

In the absence of either Lay Member, John Barber, Lay Member ensures attend at the primary care committee.

Chris Edwards - Chief Officer

Sue Cassin - Chief Nurse

Wendy Allott – Chief Finance Officer

Jacqui Tuffnell - Head of Co-Commissioning 

Non-voting members

Dr Avanti GunasekeraStrategic Clinical Executive (SCE) GP for Primary Care

Dr David Clitherow - SCE GP for Urgent Care

Dr Geoff Avery - GP Members Committee Chair

Rachel Garrison – Senior Contracting and Service Improvement Manager (Primary Care)

NHS England representative

In Attendance

Healthwatch Representative

Health and Wellbeing Board Representative

Federation Representative

Local Medical Committee Representative

GP Members Committee

The GP Members Committee is an advisory committee made up of elected GP representatives from the eight commissioning localities and Local Medical Committee (LMC) representatives.

It ensures that decisions are made on a Rotherham-wide basis. As well as giving views on commissioning proposals it also holds the Strategic Clinical Executive GPs to account. 

Members declaration of interests

Members of the GP Members Committee

Dr Geoff Avery – Chair-Maltby/Wickersley (Blyth Road Practice)

Dr Simon Mackeown - Vice-Chair/ Health Village (St Ann’s Practice)

Dr Subbannan Sukumar - Central 2 Representative (High Street Practice)

Dr Simon Bradshaw – Wath/Swinton (Market Surgery, Wath)

Dr Bipin Chandran - Rother Valley North (Treeton Medical Centre)

Dr Simon Langmead - Central North (Broom Lane Practice)

Dr Tim Douglas - Rother Valley South (Dinnington)

Dr S Chandran - Wentworth South (Rawmarsh Medical Centre)


Strategic Clinical Executive

The Strategic Clinical Executive (SCE) comprises eight Rotherham GPs and some senior NHS managers. It meets weekly to direct work on commissioning activities.

SCE declaration of interests

Members of the Strategic Clinical Executive 

Dr Richard Cullen – Chair, IT, Equality and Diversity and Engagement  

Dr Jason Page – Vice Chair, Children’s, CAMHS, Continuing Healthcare, Cancer, Finance and Governance

Dr Anand Barmade – Secondary Care Contract, , Diabetes, Mental Health Pathway

Dr Phil Birks – Clinical Referrals Management Committee

Dr David Clitherow  Urgent Care, Care Co-ordination Centre, Respiratory

Dr Avanthi Gunasekera- Primary care, End of life Care

Dr Sophie Holden- Medicines Management, Learning Disabilities and Diabetes

Mr Chris Edwards - Chief Officer

Mr Ian Atkinson - Deputy Chief Officer

Mrs Wendy Allott - Chief Finance Officer

Mrs Sue Cassin - Chief Nurse

There are five other sub committees of the Governing Body. These are:

  • Audit, Quality and Assurance Committee (AQuA) 
  • Remuneration Committee 
  • Operational Executive
  • Patient, Public Experience & Communications Sub-Committee 
  • Primary Care Co-commissioning Committee 


PPE (Patient, Public Engagement) and Communications Sub-Committee 

The sub-committee provides strategic and operational leadership for the development of effective public and patient engagement and communication. 

Terms of Reference for the sub-committee

Members of the PPE and Communications Sub-Committee

Deborah Twell - Lay Member Chair

Tony Clabby - HealthWatch Rep

Sue Cassin - Chief Nurse

Lydia George - Planning and Assurance Manager

Gordon Laidlaw - Head of Communications

Ruth Nutbrown - Assistant Chief Officer

Terri Roche - Director of Public Health

Eve Rose Keenan - RMBC Health Select Committee Chair

Janet Wheatley MBE - Chief Executive, Voluntary Action Rotherham

Helen Wyatt - Patient and Public Engagement Manager