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About Us

Patient reference group in Rotherham

NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group 

We are responsible for making sure that the people of Rotherham have the health care services they need.

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) works for the people of Rotherham buying the health services that they need.

There are 29 GP practices in Rotherham, who are all members of the Clinical Commissioning Group. We work very closely with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) to make sure that health and social care is linked together whenever possible.

The CCG works with a range of providers to make sure that health services meet the needs of local people. The main providers for Rotherham are Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.

We are  committed to providing information in formats that are accessible to our local population. Our leaflets and posters can also be supplied in braille, audio format, PDF, large print and other languages on request. To have our information provided in a different format please email 




Who are we and what do we do?

We have responsibility for a budget of £410 million to improve the health of people in Rotherham and to provide safe, high quality health services.

We are responsible for commissioning community health services, hospital health services, health aspects of social and continuing care, GP prescribing and GP out of hours services that Rotherham people use.

Our organisation is led by local GPs who have day to day knowledge of the health problems that Rotherham residents face. Eight GPs lead the Strategic Clinical Executive, which is responsible for producing clear and credible plans to improve health and health services and leading their delivery.

A further eight GPs sit on the GP Members Committee. This is responsible for two-way communication and engagement with all 150 GPs in Rotherham. Every Rotherham General Practice is a member of the CCG.  CCG decisions are made by the CCG Governing Body. Our Governing Body is made up of three lay members, four GPs, three senior managers, a nurse, a hospital consultant and Rotherham’s Director of Public Health.

 Click here to download the Governance Structure.