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Moving Rotherham

Moving Rotherham
15 June 2021

Moving Rotherham

Moving Rotherham has been developed by people across Rotherham who all share the same vision; People in Rotherham are proud to live in and contribute to stronger, thriving communities by engaging with physical activity or sport.

This vision cannot be achieved by any single organisation or service and only by working together can we attract wider partners, funding opportunities and support people to help make this happen.

What is #MovingRotherham?

#MovingRotherham is a social movement campaign that everyone can get involved in, whether you’re a local organisation or a resident.

#MovingRotherham is about encouraging, inspiring and supporting people to move more in their everyday lives, whether that’s gardening, leaving the car and walking to your local shop or playing sport. It’s a positive campaign that celebrates the people of Rotherham, championing diversity and encouraging people from all backgrounds to share their positive physical activity stories to promote the message far and wide, that moving is for everyone.

We are asking as people to include #MovingRotherham in their tweets. 

If you have any other ideas around how #MovingRotherham can reach more people, would like to get more involved or would like to join Moving Rotherham please speak to us. Visit our website