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Do you know where to go for health advice? Local health services opening over the bank holiday

Do you know where to go for health advice? Local health services opening over the bank holiday
25 May 2018

LOCAL people are being urged to choose the right care for their symptoms, helping health services to help them to stay well this bank holiday and treat those most in need of help.

Health services across Rotherham experience significant pressure over and on the days following the bank holiday period, however help is at hand for those who need it to ensure they receive the right care, first time. Several Rotherham community pharmacies will be open when other health services and shops are closed if you need to buy over-the-counter medicines because you’re unwell.

Pharmacists are highly qualified health experts who can give you detailed advice on your medicine, provide treatment for common health problems and give healthier lifestyle advice without the need to see a GP.

Pharmacists provide a range of services related to specific health issues and can advise on minor ailments such as colds, sprains, skin conditions, stomach upsets and allergies.

GP Practices will be closed at the weekend and on bank holiday Monday. If you become unwell over the bank holiday weekend please ring NHS 111 where advisors will be able to assess your condition and if appropriate book you a GP appointment.

Dr David Clitherow, local GP and GP lead for urgent care at NHS Rotherham CCG, said: “Most ailments and illnesses, such as coughs, colds, sore throats, aches and pains can be self-treated at home with a well-stocked medicines cabinet. NHS 111 and pharmacists are highly qualified to give advice on a wide range of common health problems and the best way to treat them. However, if your symptoms are severe and won’t go away then there are doctors available when your own practice is closed to provide advice.

“Most people, especially children, get coughs and colds, however pharmacists can prescribe free oral paracetamol. The best way to look after someone with a cold or cough is to make sure they have plenty to drink and if they have a temperature, paracetamol will help. You do not need to visit a doctor, instead if the symptoms persist you should contact your pharmacy to get the right medicine for your illness.

“Choosing the right treatment over the next couple of weeks will help patients get better quicker and help clinicians to help those in most need of medical attention.”

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